In order to provide better insight into his views on issues he considers have an impact on the paradigm we’re forced to live under versus the one intended for us to live under, Lee has prepared a set of issue papers.  You can view them by clicking on the various issue titles listed below in alphabetical order.  You will be taken to the page containing the issue paper.

Following each title, in parentheses, is a designation designed to help you follow the status of the issues. 

Active means Lee has completed the issue paper.  The date indicates when the issue paper was published herein. 

Coming means Lee is preparing the issue paper. 

Updated means Lee has revised the content initially published.  The date indicates when the update was published herein.

In Lee’s opinion, the most important issue is Sovereignty.  Americans don’t understand where sovereignty resides.  They’ve been taught that sovereignty is something possessed by nations.  As a consequence, like sheep being lead to slaughter, they meekly submit to the dictates of governments.  Until Americans understand where sovereignty truly resides, they will continue to willingly accept the enslavement and pillaging by Federal, State, County and City governments.

Lee is equally fully convinced that Americans will never, ever, not ever, in no way ever achieve restoration of their Creator endowed birthright of freedom (which includes sovereignty over themselves and their property) as long as they retain their obsession with war or as Finian Cunningham says, their “addiction to militarism.”  Finian agrees with Lee when he goes on to say, “The US needs to kick the habit before it destroys itself and the world.”  For more on this topic, see Lee's Freedom, National Defense Strategy and War issue papers. 

Lee recommends that you first read the Sovereignty issue paper.  It establishes the fundamental viewpoint from which Lee interprets all other issues.  It's important to understand this viewpoint in order to fully appreciate and understand his stances on the other issues.  Lee also recommends that after reading the Sovereignty issue paper, you next read in order the Freedom, War, National ID, Private Property Rights, and U.S. Government issue papers before any of the others.

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