Everyone who's not sleep walking through life knows the abysmal state of government schools in America. Two thirds of students can't even meet basic educational proficiency standards. As your U.S Senator, I will seek to abolish the Department of Education(POE). President Jimmy Carter betrayed parents when he established the DOE at the behest of the government school mafia. Educational standards have been reduced to mask the continually degrading educational skills of students in the government schools.

The solution is to get government out of the education business. It may be that the only way this can be done in a timely manner is to first phase out how government schools are funded. currently governments and all levels steal money from citizens through various tax levies to fund the schools. I will seek to abolish all such tax levies. If parents want to make the uninformed decision to enroll their children in government schools, then they should be the ones to pay for the schools, no one else.  

For example, see the California Education Tax Relief Act under which only the person(s) financially responsible for a student enrolled in an Article IX government school is required to pay for the cost of enrollment. All CA residents who do not have a students enrolled in an Article IX government school will not be required to pay enrollment costs for students enrolled in Article IX schools. This applies to Article IX government schools at all levels including the University of California.

It’s likely that most people will be astounded by this approach to funding of government schools. After all, it’s a given that government schools should be paid for by taxpayers so that free, or minimal cost, education can be provided to anyone who wants to enroll. But why should it be a given?

Let me ask the following questions:

Should the government force you (coerce at gunpoint) to pay for your neighbor’s automobile?

Should the government force you to pay for your neighbor’s Hawaii vacation?

Should the government force you to pay for your neighbor’s mortgage or rent?

Should the government force you to pay for your neighbor’s kid’s computer?

Should the government force you to pay for your neighbor’s kid’s clothes?

If you answered no to these questions, then why should the government coerce you to pay for your neighbor’s kid’s education? If you step back and think about it, it’s immoral for the government to steal the fruits of your labors to pay for anything for someone else. This is especially true for education in a government school that the facts show produces graduates with subpar abilities in comparison to other nations. And yet the costs are astronomical.

The current system for funding education is both immoral and punitive. Government schools are primarily funded via taxation. Taxation is theft at gunpoint which is an immoral act.  It’s punitive in that parents who enroll their children in private or home schools must not only pay for this choice but they must also pay for government schools they don’t use. That’s immoral as well as punitive.

There are hundreds of reasons why enrollment in government schools is the worst choice available. But, if parents want to make that uninformed choice, that their prerogative. That’s what freedom is all about. It’s the right to make right or wrong personal choice, that doesn’t affect anyone else, without the threat of or actual retribution by anyone. But, that choice should not prompt government theft to pay for it.

It's way past time to eliminate the immoral funding mechanism for government schools and end the punitive effect on parents who chose alternative schools as well as on those who do not have students they are financially responsible for enrolled in government schools. Anyone who argues against this new approach for funding government schools will be guilty of condoning theft at gunpoint as well as endorsing the poor excuse for education that is government schools.

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