Meet Lee Olson

Candidate for U.S. Senate

Lee Olson is a semiretired Rocket Scientist who has been a California resident for over 2½ decades.  He has B.S and M.S.E.E degrees from the University of Minnesota and a M.B.A degree from the University of Southern California.

Lee’s technical specialty is Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3).  This encompasses disciplines such as Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) and Communications Security (TEMPEST).  He also has been active in the areas of Spectrum Management and Systems Engineering (hardware, not software).  He is a certified Systems Engineer.

Lee has been a member in good standing of the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) for over 5 decades.  He was initially involved in E3 control techniques research and development and then worked on various programs such as Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs - Minuteman II/III and Reagan’s Peacekeeper), missile defense programs (Sentinel, Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative and Missile Defense Agency systems), aircraft programs (Advanced Airborne Command Post and B-2), launch vehicles (Delta IV and Falcon 9), satellite programs (various communication, national security (NRO) and weather satellites and GPS IIF/III) and the now defunct, ill-managed Future Combat Systems (FCS) program as well as several Black Programs.   

Lee has worked for major Aerospace companies as well as small firms providing centers of technical excellence.  Upon finishing graduate school he began working at the real Boeing (Seattle), then moved on to other major firms such as TRW (bought out by Northrup Grumman), Martin Marietta (merged with Lockheed, now Lockheed Martin), and Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC).  The smaller centers of technical excellence he’s worked at are the Mission Research Corporation (founded by the acknowledged U.S. top expert on EMP phenomenology), JAYCOR (acquired by Titan and now is a part of L3 Technologies) and Science Applications and Research Associates (SARA). As a result of employment with this wide a variety of companies Lee has benefited from experiencing residency in all areas of the country except the Southeast.

Having been inside the beast, Lee knows the MIC like no politician running for U.S Senator from California, including our current U.S. Senator.  He knows how it’s organized, how it really operates, what goes on inside Black Programs and how it promotes itself.  He’s the only candidate that can accurately assess the necessity for, and viability of, MIC promoted initiatives.

Lee’s involvement in EMP, especially High Altitude EMP (HEMP), has placed him among the top 100 most knowledgeable of all Americans in this technical specialty.  His involvement over the past nearly 5 decades, from the birth of EMP technology to the present, has given him insight into the EMP mafia lead by the Unholy EMP Trinity and its Method of Operation (MO).

While the EMP mafia was relatively innocuous initially as it used fearmongering to obtain government funding for EMP hardening of military assets and construction of EMP test facilities, it has become deadly through use of warmongering by not only exaggerating the consequence of a HEMP attack by an adversary but actually recommending a preemptive take out our adversaries.

If the Federal government takes that action, the consequences will be real and disastrous with America immediately becoming a nuclear wasteland.  Only with Lee as your U.S Senator from California can that unconscionable warmongering with its unthinkable result be successfully challenged and defeated.

War is not the answer.  Peace is the answer.  Nations engaged in peaceful, respectful commerce will not launch a HEMP attack on each other.  They will not jeopardize growing prosperity when the consequence of war, even for the winner, would be drastically reduced wealth in addition to significant population deletion.

When elected as your U.S. Senator from California, Lee will seek appointment to the Senate Intelligence Committee.  No candidate has the extensive insider experience with and knowledge of the MIC intelligence mafia than Lee.  He will be able to separate fact from fiction delivered by this mafia.  And after all, isn’t time for some intelligence on the Senate Intelligence Committee?  Lee thinks it’s way past time.

Lee has also been an active observer of all things climate change over the past nearly 3 decades.  Being technically inclined and trained, Lee is the only candidate for U.S Senator from California that truly understands the technically sound versus politically driven climate change sciences.  He’s been absolutely astounded at how political climate change science has so successfully suppressed technically sound climate change science starting with the release of the very first assessment report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in 1990 which deliberately suppressed the opposing opinions of qualified climate change scientists.  He is the only candidate who can defend us against the agenda of the political climate change science advocates which is to further enslave us under governmental control and extract more wealth from us in the process to feather their nests.

Besides his technical involvements mentioned above, Lee is an avid political junkie.  He was a Republican for 5 decades starting with his very first vote for Barry Goldwater in 1964.  He’s no political novice.  He has intimate knowledge of the political arena as well as what is required in order for us to live in a state of freedom, peace and prosperity.  That’s why he changed his voter registration from Republican to Independent and is an Independent candidate for U.S. Senator from California.  He finally recognized that Republicans are hypocrites saying one thing to get votes and doing the opposite when they are elected by compromising with Democrats and adopting their political agendas.

Lee will not compromise in his leadership taking us out the death paradigm of “Slavery, War and Poverty for all but the Special Interests” we’re forced to live under into the life paradigm intended for us of “Freedom, Peace and Prosperity for all.”  Lee is not controlled by any special interest, he can and will act independently in his determined pursuit of freedom, peace and prosperity for all.

Besides his technical and political junkie pursuits, Lee is the Chairman of The Committee To End Slavery.  The committee is currently promoting 3 initiated constitutional amendments to the California constitution that will free California residents from some of the means by which the Governor and the Legislature have enslaved them


Some people who have influenced Lee

Lee has been influenced by several freedom, peace and prosperity minded individuals.  A few of those individuals are mentioned here for the purpose of providing insight into Lee’s worldview.  Their mention herein does not constitute an endorsement of Lee.  It just provides further understanding as to where Lee is coming from.

Lee Olson with Ron Paul

If you want to know what Lee will do as your U.S. Senator, take a look at what Ron Paul did as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives.  He promoted his constituents interests, not his or any Special Interests.  He sought to get the government out of his constituent’s wallets and lives.  He promoted freedom, peace and prosperity for all and vigorously opposed enslavement by the government, war and wealth destroying polices that only benefitted the moneyed Special Interests.

Ron Paul is a gentleman’s gentleman.  He’s a rare breed.  While Lee is a gentleman he plans to be much more proactive in his approach for leading Americans to the life paradigm of “Freedom, Peace and Prosperity for all.”

Lee attended a Mises Circle event held in Costa Mesa, CA on 8 November 2014. He had the good fortune of asking Ron a question during a panel session.  He noted that in 2008 Ron ran for President and got 5% of the vote.  That Ron ran for President in 2012 and got 10% of the vote.  Lee then said he was looking forward to Ron getting 20% (he should of said 20% or more) of the vote in 2016. 

After the cheering died down Lee asked Ron when he was going to announce his candidacy.  Ron’s response was to say he wondered what Lee had against him.  That response also was a delight to the crowd.  Although the exchange was light hearted and congenial, Lee was disappointed that Ron wasn’t planning on running again.  That’s unfortunate because Ron had a lot of momentum going at the time.  You can catch exchange starting at 6:15 and continuing to 6:52 in the video below.

It’s unfortunate that this man of peace was rejected by Americans who continue to be obsessed with war.  If Ron had been elected President in 2008, we would be living in a completely and radically different world.  Our troops would have been brought home, our foreign bases closed and our foreign policy would be the golden rule, “Do Unto Others What You Would Have Them Do Unto You,” instead of our decades (even centuries) old policy enunciated explicitly by President George Bush of “Do Unto Others First Before They Do It Unto You,” which can be stated another way, “Shoot First and Ask Questions Later.” 

Under Ron our national debt wouldn’t be twice, or even much more, as high as other nation’s debt, the government wouldn’t be anywhere near as deep into our wallets and our lives and the world would be at peace. 

Do you suppose Californians will also reject another freedom, peace and prosperity candidate or will they not make the same mistake again?  That’s the $64,000 question on the table.

Lee Olson with ​Judge Andrew Napolitano

Judge Andrew Napolitano is rightfully, a well-respected authority on legal matters.  He’s worth listening to.  Lee’s views typically coincide with those of the Judge except for one specific claim.  The Judge espouses the commonly accepted idea that the fundamental purpose of government is to protect the rights of the individual.  Lee rejects that idea outright on the basis that it’s self-contradictory.  It’s impossible for the government to protect its citizen’s rights because in order to do so it has to have superior rights to the citizens under its jurisdiction.  This means that the government can at any time overrule the citizen’s rights, not protect them. In spite of this, when the Judge speaks, Lee listens.  Usually when the Judge is done speaking, there’s nothing more to be said.

Lee Olson with Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor is a well-known inspirational speaker who challenges people to change their thinking so they can accomplish whatever their minds can conceive.  One of his primary beliefs he imparts is that “Thoughts become things.  If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand.”  Another belief Lee likes is “See yourself living in abundance and you will attract it. It always works, it works every time with every person.” Lee translates this into “See yourself living as a free person and you will become free.”

Bob is the person who introduced Lee to the notion of paradigms.  They control us.  Therefore, it’s of utmost importance as to what constitutes our paradigm for living.  Currently our Deep Stage/Shadow Government overlords have educated and conditioned us to accept the “Slavery, War and Poverty for all but the Special Interests” paradigm as the norm for living out our lives. 

Lee doesn’t accept this norm because it runs contrary to the paradigm our Creator intended for us of “Freedom, Peace and Prosperity for all."  We must change our subconscious mind from accepting the norm of our slave masters to desiring the norm intended for us by our Creator.  You can get a glimpse into how this can be accomplished by watching Bob’s presentation here:

Lee attended a Trey Smith internet marketing event (Software System Seminar) in San Diego in 2011 where Bob was an invited speaker.  Bob was excited about the idea of internet marketing because it gives an average individual a tool by which they can create and launch a business and in a relatively short period of time become wealthy.  If you’re interested, you can listen to Bob’s talk here (audio only):

During the seminar Lee had the good fortune of conversing with Bob.  He asked Bob if we older people weren’t out of place here among the much younger crowd.  Bob asked Lee “how old are you?”  Lee didn’t give Bob an exact he just said he was a senior citizen.  Bob replied, “Well, I’m 76 years old and I’m just getting started!”  Lee loved that answer because that’s exactly how he feels.  Lee’s been around 7½ decades and has another 4½ decades to go.  (Bob is now 83 and still going strong.)

Like Bob, Lee also believes he’s just getting started.  Furthermore, Lee is determined that before he departs terra firma for better places he will be a free man.  It’s our birthright endowed to us by our Creator.

So now that you know a bit about Lee, it may be time for you to consider whether we would be better off being represented by someone with both exceptional technical and political knowledge than someone who hasn’t a clue about what’s really happening, including behind the scenes.  Wouldn’t it be better to be represented by a person with technical knowledge than the typical, clueless shyster lawyer that now populates the Federal House of Representatives and Senate?

Please give some time to those thoughts and revisit this site frequently as Lee will be sharing his opinions on standing relevant issues as well as current issues.  Click Issues on the navigation bar to go to the Issues main page.

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If Lee’s mission of protecting us from enslavement and pillaging by the government, restoring our freedom, promoting an environment of peace and ensuring prosperity for all, not just the Special Interests, resonates with your desires, hopes and dreams, then please click here - Donate - to contribute to getting the message out to as wide as audience as possible.  The limit for personal contributions is $2,600.  Therefore, it will take the support of all freedom loving citizens to ensure Lee becomes your U.S. Senator.  You can make recurring donations if that fits your budget better. 

Thank you for whatever contributions you can make to Lee's campaign.  Your support will be genuinely appreciated.

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