My overall position on the abortion issue was cited in response to a voter survey question, "Under what circumstances should abortion be allowed?" It was as follows:

It’s unfortunate that we don’t live in a perfect world. Sometimes things go wrong. For example, as in an aberration of nature. In such cases, the right of self-defense to protect our life granted to us by our Creator applies; even to a pregnant woman. If it’s clear-cut from a medical standpoint based upon actual facts, not a feigned excuse, that continuing a pregnancy would most likely result in the mother’s death, then it’s her right to choose to take the risk of continuing the pregnancy and possibly die or to terminate the pregnancy and presumably survive.

As to my position on the funding of abortions by organizations such as Planned Parenthood, it should never be be allowed. Government theft of one's hard earned income via its coercive levied taxes is immoral prima facie. It's doubly immoral to force people who oppose killing a human life to pay for it.   

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